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We provide you with a daily email update with the results of our search of the entire market to see it there is a property new to the market that you are looking for. Why work with an agent who tells you to call them when YOU find something…. At Russell Realty we earn our pay.

Once a property is identified you will be given the actual address of the property so you can be sure if you want to see the home based on location first. Then your Russell RE Buyer’s Agent will try to get you in the home before other buyers do.

Now before writing an offer we show you what the home is really worth in today’s market. We show you comparable SOLD homes so YOU can determine the true value of the property.

While presenting the offer to the Seller or the Seller’s agent we make sure your offer is put in the best light so you have a good chance of getting the house. Our office is highly respected in the Real Estate community in Worcester County and we put that reputation to work for you.

And the best part of all may be that almost all the time the Seller’s agent pays us a portion of his/her commission.

So you get…


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